Finding a pixelian

Is there a method?

On the off chance anyone know who @PandaFrostB is ? Oh they haven’t wronged me more have something of interest…


best chance you have is searching on their instagram

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Hack the game and find their IP Address and then go to their house then steal the pc (jk) (For legal reasons that’s a joke)

like what neo says, instagram is prob where you could find players
most pw players use ig maybe

i tried to find PandaFrostB but i cant find it lol

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I am starting to think like you :joy:

Btw - 3 of mr bundy’s former worlds all just fell at the exact same time to a player i have never come across …

I wonder how many others did …:thinking::thinking:

I’ve followed them for a while…

Hence i knew of them i checked them every 30mins today …

Losing em is one thing but all, to the same player ?..nah smacks of a hack…

Totally ruins my enjoyment

Worlds were N4, L2, D7…

Sadly I can’t name the player because of these weird rules

Uhh… Can you… Uhh… Please go see a doctor…


Wouldn’t you too get all three if it weren’t for that player?

Would that mean you hacked?


I caught up with the player via noticing another account in one of the worlds

A trade was later done for one of them

I am quite certain they had some prior knowledge not to mention how on earth would you turn up at the the exact time with more than one account ? Which they also defo did… Somewhat vague on how that happened …

Also way too newb…but not … :thinking:

Still .

I would have tried to take 3 but would not have expected to get …