Firefighter update

new update there should be upate for firefighter update
new item include:
fire host
fireman set
firegirl set
fire truck

detail: you can 10 gems if u burned off 1 fire, you need to refil the fire hose with water so that you can continue the journey. wearing fireman set or woman set gives fireproof by 10%.


hmm this could work but you didnt give much context like how would you even do this where would it happen how would it even work? for example when others would do a suggestion there post would be like 500 words for example look at editsons pixel trooper update post its like 20 times bigger than yours this could be an idea but you need to expand on it

good suggestion, it would be fun burning worlds specially to worlds who uses fan and vortexportals. you shoulve gaven more details.

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The most useful tool for firefighters. (Would be cool, though)


He must be talking about the firemen in Fahrenheit 451. :rofl:

Aah, Fahrenehit 351, what a nice book. I remember to read that when I was in highschool.

Regarding to the topic, the idea suggestion sounds good, it only needs development. :smile:

sorry my englis bad ill call someone to edit and give stuff more info in thread

If you want, i can help you.

My First Forum Suggestion
Hello everyone, i am @UkyoKuonji. a new forumer who loves giving suggestions to the community!

I present you, The Firefighter Update!
This new update is consists of new items, clothings and fun!

Information: As a firefighter, you have your mission to burn down those flames! Burning down 1 fire will give you gems and xp! And also for your protection, i give you fireproof sets obtainable by (your word) that gives you 10% immune to fire. So go on, and hunt those fires to insure everyone is safe in pixel worlds.

New items include:


also i have a question, is it like a dynamic world ( like nethers but with 1 burned house and you have to team up to kill the fire inside or just burn down any worlds and get gems?

thanks in advanced~

u do this to me? wow thank you u so generous

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