First ever topaz block

Jake gave away the first ever topaz block to me, after that he gave Miwsky, Apollyon and Kaluub one. So now we own the rarest thing in the game. You can see it in FURRIESCLAN


Well, not the rarest item in-game, but it’s pretty up there.
I’m surprised they didn’t give it an actual name before giving them away.

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That’s cool, i love items like this one!

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I kinda feel like the development name it shows adds to the uniqueness imo


Holy! For sure that’s a block you would like to keep for a collection.

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Lets just hope they don’t add this as a normal block (even if it is unlikely)

My dude, you are killing it!

It certainly does, I’m just surprised that they let it slide.

Kinda late but I guess I own the last ever made topaz block, surely that’s just as impressive

Wonder who the first, and last person to obtain each limited-time legendary item were.

How do people always get dev items?
In GT it’s the punishment items like ban/curse wands, public lava or bedrock, now in PW we have this…
I have always wondered how do those even appear in player’s inventories.

Tbh I would want to borrow a diamond block, if those even exist outside mines now.

Well, some of them are just given away by the administrators themselves, as a kind of “reward” for their outstanding performance, for winning contests or because they felt like giving away these exclusive items, between many other reasons.

In this case, the Topaz Gemstone Blocks were given away from Jake, to the winners of some games that Jake was hosting.

I hope Jake is gonna give away dev items on today’s stream too. I would really want to own an item like that.

They do these kind of things really barely. The chances of them giving away this kind of items it is almost null, but never zero.

Who knows? maybe they will be giving away more of these “rare” items in the future as prizes?

I mean, there are still emerald, sapphire, ruby and diamond blocks left.

Oh I almost forgot these Xmas games,

I want one of the NPCs as a block, like Jacko… Now that’d be cool.

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