First experience playing Pixel Worlds?

What was your first reaction to Pixel Worlds? What else you had in mind when you started it first.

Mine was quite fuzzy not gonna lie, dunno what i did there. I guess when i started playing my mind goes to building, and probably my first reaction is, “This is cool!” except theres a bug on 2017 that bugs your chat.


When I first saw the game, I absolutely hated it, for partly taking inspiration from Growtopia.

I really wanted to play it but these kinds of graphics (pixels or smth) was just not my cup of tea, that goes the same for other games tho.
But kinda got used to it now

i started and all i did was go in summerquest world and just play around there and dailybonus i got my first block there (red block) since i didn’t know how to create a world i had to search up in youtube how to create a world :skull: so then i just started buy packs and breaking blocks and etc i didn’t know about wls all i did was booster and hope for a cool legendary i didn’t communicate with people i was just in my world like a single player game since i used to play with my cousins. and i had duck floater and grey hoodie with an axe lmao.

It was so interesting right from the beginning.

Idk I always liked sandbox game, and the artstyle of pw is so interesting. I didn’t have any problem at first since I have played GT for few years, so basically I know how the game works.

Well i started to play pixelworlds , thinking where do i put my art ideas , those extra ordinary thoughts in my mind that i want to make it in game for people to feel the wisdom behind it ,

Well Cheers ! XD

Ah, my start in PW was quite rocky. I had played GT for yearsss and I was very against the idea of joining PW. My friend really wanted me to download this game and I fought against it until eventually, in December 2016, I did it. At first I was super confused as to how things worked and quite frankly I kind of hated it. I didn’t enjoy GT anymore and PW seemed like just another sandbox game to me and I didn’t want to get involved in that. I deleted the app and forgot about it. Time passed, in late 2017 I decided to give PW a second chance and re-dowloaded it. To my great surprise, that time I actually loved it! I ended up playing it for a good while until my life got too busy. Another break from the game, and in late 2018 I returned once again, with even more enthusiasm. And well, here we are now :smile:

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Actually, when I first heard about Pixel Worlds from one of my friends, I really didn’t enjoy it. After I came back to it I got used to it though and started to improve my status.

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as soon as I saw the game I fell in love with it

I had absolutely no idea how to play, so I just broke dirt to get levels and buy seed packs and build with the random blocks I got. (idk i probably got scammed before i was rally stupid lmao)