First Pocket Watch

Hi Boys
i just wanna share this, its my first watch AND its the first run i did in lvl 5 so im super lucky because i got pro friends who really grind lvl 5 and they get them pretty seldom and i just got one in the first run!

I haven’t gotten a single one yet :pensive:
Gotta love RNG :flushed:

Save up those golden teeth for when you evolve into the boomer stage and your real teeth dissolve into powder, so you need dentures.

AYYY awesomeee! :+1:

hahaha ok ill keep xD

Nice job. I remember the first 2 times I got pocket watches. Every single time after that I haven’t gotten another one ever again.

Well I’m pretty sure it’s one in eight mines so if you grind em around one an hour

Misterious is more lucky. He got 7 pocket watches at one day and 2 times 2 in one mine. :wink: