Fish Barrel/Gemstone Vendor Bug

So, I’ve been hearing rumors about a bug relating to the fish/gem vendors.

Based on my research, if you sell the fish/gemstones one by one, the game would freeze you in the fishmonger/vendor’s tab. You can’t exit. You’re going to be forced to close the game
(I experienced this)

If you were to choose to sell all, then you wouldn’t receive the gems, and the fish/gemstones you were intentionally about to sell is going to be gone (based on a clanmate’s experience)

Has this problem also been going around for you guys? Or had misfortune chose only specific people?


Happened to me also once

when i sell all gems it has the bug where it won’t give you the gems however if you leave the world you will get the gems you earned.

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Also happened to me once

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It may happen if you enough items for the list to be scrollable. We’re releasing a patch that will fix this among some other things ASAP.

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Haven’t experienced the one where i don’t get the gems, but i did get the freeze that forced me to alt+f4.

It did happen to me, and I was about to make a new thread until I got notified that a similar thread was made. For me, it froze the game if I press “SELECT ALL”. If I were to sell the fish one by one, it wouldn’t get bugged out. It was reproduceable by simply attempting to sell multiple fish types at one go. Just recently, however, the problem did not appear when I try to do the “SELECT ALL”. It might be that it’s been fixed.