Fishing bug?

Hello Moderator And Everyone!! I need help with my account, what happened is my main account got a bug/curse that when im fishing my lure is always lost/got stolen by a fish and this happened to me every single time, someone says that my account got shadow banned and others, so moderator pls help my account and one more thing, even tho i have amulet/gear its still not working, Moderator do your job :+1:t2:


Note: i just sell all my gear, so i don’t have a footage or photo

Please, don’t send your email here. Contact directly a moderator on the forums or in discord. I’ll check this one out but the “shadow banned” thing is surely fake.

Just tried.

Fishing works.

Note: I also tried without amulet.

Wow that’s great for you! but mine still the same, so where can i contact moderator? Can i contact moderator with emails? Im a new player, Thanks for your help!

Well… you can contact moderatos on forums if you check this tab on the right of your screen, click on groups.

There is only 1 group… just saying.

And here i recommend you to contact Freak, he is the most active forum moderator.

You can also send a email to support at : explaining your problem and send them your in-game name soo they can check what’s going on with your account.

But sure thing is that i’m 99% sure the shadow ban thing don’t exist.

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Thanks for telling me this!!! I Hope you have a great day!!!

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guess this because you have bad luck i guess, most people can get something like the lure is lost everytime, also don’t post email here, try reinstalling the game or maybe leave the world and join again, also don’t put your email in the forum… if reinstalling or leave the world didn’t work, maybe just a bad luck, or try messaging the mods like what RetNos said. And yes like what Retnos said, there no ban called “Shadow banned” maybe they just pranking/trolling you

That bad luck comes when my account level 10, don’t worry about the email, that fake email.


I suggest you to Email and ask them for help.
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