Fising Lv 10 clan journey

Hey cool dudes, im starting a journey to a lv 10 clan, I was wondering if anyone knows howmany gems is required for a lv 10 clan :thinking: and is grinding with an master pick with epic gears in lvl 1 enough?
I can grind all day everyday.
Any suggestions whats the clan name ?
(seriously need idea my imagination is not working.)

It’s very much impossible, because not even a pro miner with the best gears can complete this task/challenge, probably would take 1 year or more

What your trying to do is impossible if you get 10 k gems day it will take you 1910 days if u get 100 k a day which will take u like 8 hours it will take you 190 days

But the dp really makes it impossible 500.000.000 million xp
That is breaking 25 million spike bombs if u break 1 stack in. 5 minutes it will take you 80 straight days or 2000 hours this is possible for clan becuz it mean all 50 clan members need to do 40 hours.

More precisely around 3 years if u break spike bombs two hours a day with flask
Or 6 years to get gems but u could just spend 76 pl but I don’t suppose fising has that much

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? You would need about 8 - 12 pl for the gems not 76

19 million gems costs 76 pl right.

I think my brain isn’t fuctioning right in the night
I think I forgot to add one 0 to it (So 80 pl to 8 pl, I counted fast so it has a lot of flaws/wrongs)

My gem production if i have motivation to grind is 58 k/day if i have 10 memebers contribute 500/day it will make 5k bonus per day?
But if i push them 1.5 k it will make 15 k gems per day! 58+15= 73 k ,73 x 7 (days on week) is 511 k gems ,511 x 4 (average week in a month.) Is 2 044 000 gems which if i multiply it by 12 its 24+ million every level more slot for members lets count it 20 as max, basicly 1.5 x 5 conclude 1.5 x 15 basicly it gaves another extra 6 k 21 k.

Thx for the information mate really appreciate it.

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It would be around 60pl? Gems are around 3k/1.

2.8 which they would prob be for such a big trade

68 pl

That’s in between what you said before and what I said.

Well before I counted 2.5 k and now I’m counting 2.8

Mgems is 3000/1 now ;-;

Even for huge trades?

Some1 sells 3.1 rates