knotty was using arkangel and i see which world in i go and he was have red halo and banned me after go anohter world and i saw one subject giving 2 cthulhu wings and 3 red halos to knotty and i got banned after knotty go other world and i saw subject giving torm wings and i got banned after knotty go to random world and wtfman come to world and mod banned me and wtfman for 30 days but knotty didnt banned

knottys main dupe world : DEAMOND5
knottys transfer worlds : BUSINASSD, BEBRASTAN777
knottys main account : BEBRASTAN

btw just saw him in BEBRASTAN777 10 mins ago and banned me after there was 2 pepole in world looooooooooool he trasnferd items again

Why are you reporting this on a forum that none of the devs give the light of day

siskea is gone till 26 november and the devs that are left are clueless about the games state, besides, siskea would most likely be unaware of it too as the dupers are keeping low

Sadly i believe this also …

The game is almost anarchic right now

There is simply no rule!

Just visit the pwe in pixel station at some of the busy times… enforcement yeah right my a##

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petition to change pw’s logo to this:

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good thing is finally Lokalapsi took worlds and i think he banned

because no one looks discord and emails

I don’t know this dude but this usually seems to mean breaking locks … So thats far from illegal.

No way you would get banned for that

bruh… i have rec but i couldnt rec that subject dropping stuff to him

i just got rec wtfman come to world and mod bans wtfman and me

lokalapsi is a dev and what he is trying to say is that she took the worlds and banned the owners but that wont stop them and all the accs they have

ye ik they should find that dupe btw after that pickaxe/pet/bottle hacking dupe is found maybe again with pets but the color size etc patched

the previous dupes were done with pets and familiars, this one i heard is done by wiring

wait what wiring?? who said to you