Flimsy Pickaxe with 14,880,639 durability

I do not understand. He randomly came up and said he bought it on PWE for 1k bc, pretty fair deal, because he won’t ever have to buy a repair kit again, lol.


That is most certainly hacked.

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Nice observation, Sherlock.

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He deadass stole it from the gods


Dude really enchanted his iron pickaxe to Durability MMMCMXCIX


He used Minecraft cheats in Pixel Worlds, damn.

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Its a hacked item and buying/selling or using those kind of items (as well as the familiars with those weird names) might get you in trouble. So its best to not buy them or TRASH them if you got them somehow.


Yes, trash them.

Where are your 1.2 quadrillion screenshots?

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I couldn’t he canceled the trade too early :disappointed: . But I do have around 18 screenshots from spamming the F12 button until it stopped working, probably because of lag.

Yeah. I told him to trash it.

It was 14,880,639 not 144,880,639 lol


My bad.

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Easy block achievement

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With that pickaxe you are saving 2705 Repair Kits = 400k+ Bytecoins :eyes:

But obviously we are not allowed to use it…


When you cracked the code and became the ultimate god of PW.

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Yeah I saw another one of these as well, someone offered me one for my green epwr, I denied and told them to trash it.