For new players to earn their first world locks!

Hello pixel worlds community.
If there are any new players trying to earn their first world locks in Pixel Worlds maybe you should try this!

Fishing - Fishing is a very profitable feature of pixel worlds, the fish you catch can be sold for gems at a fish barrel that can be found in a fishing world that are mostly popular for the most part but in small worlds too! Etc. Goldfish, Halibut and many many more. The bait you use can help you catch different kinds of fish, You can buy bait from the shop in the main menu or your ESC (Escape key) screen. (Or if you are on mobile tap on the blue button with 3 sideways i’s.)
I will list some of the best fishing worlds here.
(I couldn’t find a world for crab sorry)
At your stage in the game you would probably have enough gems to buy a Basic Bamboo Rod.
I would recommend Saving up for a fiberglass rod by using red scrolls to go to the Nether.
There are 5 types of size of fish all having different values.
With a fiberglass basic rod you should be able to catch up to medium fish.

I hope this post was helpful to the new players in the community.

Have a good day.

Majority of people on forums have played the game for years, so this probably won’t help anyone but ok :swan:

Well its possible there are new players looking for help and came to the forums to see if there were people willing to help them.

It is always possible that could happen.

But your right about the majority of people having old accounts on the forums.