For Siskea

Hey, I would like to apply for creator role in pixel worlds as I think I meet the requirements and love making content for youtube because it is so fun!

My ingame name is Pin and here is my channel link:

Thank you for reading and my next video will be out soon!

Yours sincerely,


Lol, @Siskea.

Also sent a few gmails and a friend of mine created a seperate thread in PWG Discord Server at #pw_media.
Also filled in the application for it!

Take care now.


you can find application here: Become part of our Creator program!


P.S, I submitted the application for fun and do not really want the creator role but I guess it’s nice to have. So even if I don’t get the role, I’ll continue making videos for fun and try to be a positive aspect within the Pixel World’s community.

Clarifying this in case some kids get the wrong idea, XD.


Yeah, thanks, I filled it up!

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You honestly have surprisingly high views on your videos for a PW content creator.


Yeah, I’m planning to intertwine with more seperate games on my channel, not just Pixel Worlds and might do vlogs as well which is why I just named it Pin, and not Pin PW or etc.

Thanks and welcome to the forums!

I like your Mentality, Good luck Pin!

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