Forest dungeon SUGGESTION

here what you got from forest dungeon:

  • forest hoodie (Ultra rare)
  • forest pants (Rare)
  • forest shoes (Uncommon)
  • forest pants (Rare)
  • broken wooden sword (Uncommon same as wooden sword but low dmg)80 dmg
  • wooden spikes (Rare same as spikes)
  • wooden forest rod (Legendary cannot be upgraded.)
  • gems soil (Ultra rare gives 50 gems)
  • wooden shield (Rare) 2 armors
    there will be a prize hidden in some places (up in the tree,and some places hidden)

some monsters in the dungeon:

  • mud blob (shoots projectiles and can be hidden like maggots)
  • [BOSS]thrower tree (this big tree monster for boss and throw apples which deal lots of damage)
  • rocket grass (a grass monster shoots rocket that following you)
  • deadly witch (same as staff caster shoots 4 projectiles)
  • pot o witch (well this flying pot drop 2 green projectiles near you which makes you get poisoned)

some places where there is monsters:

  • tree: there is twig platforms to get up to the tree and kill monsters
  • land: small land where there is grass rocket and pot o witch and others like mud blob and deadly witch
  • inside giant tree: sometimes you can get inside the giant tree and fight some monsters.


  • wooden spikes
  • fire trap
  • magic ball shooter trap ( same like fireball shooter but shoots with purple color)
  • poisonous lava block
    and more but idk

there any of them are missing?


How does this work? How do you use to enter to that world?

It’s a good suggestion.

using forest portal (green portal) and need 5 leaf (buy 5 leaf in shop special items for 1000 gems)

This should be a secret base but the theme is nature. Do we have to pay 1k gems for 5 leave?how about 1leaf or Forest Tickets or any. and is also obtainable by breaking vegetation blocks/grass.

If a new pve map is added I hope it’s not something as generic as a forest.

If a new pve were to soon come to the game, what would your guess/hope be for it. (Pvp lol)

Eh perhaps a space or castle/kingdom themed pve. Or if it’s permanently available a map that changes based on season [winter, spring, summer, autumn].

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