Forum Captcha Bug

even if i have pressed the correct photos, the website automatically restarts and i have to play captcha again. very annoying but it is for the security for the forum.

Does it always happen like you can’t log in?

im dealing with it daily, takes me 10mins to really log in to forums.

I dont have Captcha survey are u on pc?

yes, also affects in my ipad too.

Im on tablet, i dont have that problem:/ got no idea bro:(

No worries, im finding a way to fix it via privacy tickets for captcha. ill try if this works.
its very annoying when you’ll have to wait 10mins just to check off whats going on the forums.

True this, used to have this problem but in the old forums
Haven’t encountered it here yet

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Devs can’t do anything about it because they don’t control the captcha. They can only control if protection is on or off.

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They can.
Hcaptcha is provided by cloudflare which means that if they didn’t use cloudlfare thousands of years and braincells wasted with the trashiest type of captcha on earth would be avoided.

My bad, thats what I meant. They can only control if protection is on/off which controls if the captcha is on/off. But because there was some DDOS attacks about a week ago, they had to enable it.

Even still there are some hackers who post about their hacks and the posts don’t get removed for about a day.

i found bug too, click 2 correct photo and choose 1 wrong photo (for example, 2 boat and 1 airplane) and catchpa will consider it as correct photo

Maybe there was very little piece of plane If they were next to each other
Example Plain was behind boat