[FORUM GAME] Make a pun out of the person's username above you

Make a pun out of the person’s username above you.
It can’t be something long though. Needs to make sense to where anyone can understand it.

I’ll start first:
The owner just told me to click the mannequin, and the Nexed thing you know, I lost my items and I was banned.


He taught me how to slay enemies.

(ehm is this right?)

What an oprhan dad called?

Dang my money was wasted paying for the fees ontol (On toll)

Dang, if only I had celic-ted a better pun for this name ( seh-lic is this the correct pronunciation?..)

Oh no, I’m trapped! It’s a Dead End!!

I don’t want one NB for my game, whatever that is.

I sat ondrashek.


I knew that someone would make a Shrek joke. I knew it.


Hey, kid Come-over-here (Come over here/ comamderder)

Damn your name long as hell.

Damm staying ontop like oontol on top

Missed opportunity to say he was hating ontol (on tall) people

Im a tall person like i shouldnt be this tall im taller then my dad and only 13 im the tallest person from the whole family tree im so tall the teacher had to buy new desks for my size im so tall i m probably adopted

I disagree (deagir-ee) that a pun maybe a new layer (Neoslayer) of comment can fix it

I dare you not pun me with an “on”

I will keep on getting scammed until I find my last few braincells

i love eating oranges

Abra kaadaabra your from faze

Deagir is bad like a warm beer

Gonna hunt me down if im drunk

I think your meagre deagir