[forum game] The character in your PFP wants to kill you for 3 days. How successful will they be?

getting my intestines gouged out by a light scythe won’t be pretty

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u died

i feel like my answer is insensitive and offensive

(it’s me)

dont know who this guy is but if he is working for steam i am dead immidiatly

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Welp I’m fked :sob: ̔̏̊̔̏̊̔̏̊̔̏̊⠀


Well I don’t think small owl that’s about the size of my hand does the job

Why do i hear boss music?

Would take a few seconds as they got a gun (kallen Kaslana From honkai impact)

Hah good luck pfp

@vanoyt383_pro Help me

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they will not kill me, im not jellybean

I mean, i think i’d be fine… what can a floating head with spiky hair do, right? what’s the worse that cou~~~

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This mf got a laser sword
I got no chance fr


eventhough he wouldnt, because of how ducks are superior to human race he would delete you and every single memory of you that other people had. thats why i dont mess with ducks

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My pfp kid can do nothin’ against me!
I’m thin in real life and in game!

Patamon is a good digimon, he only kills evil digimon. I’m not a digimon yay

So imagine what kind of power made patamon wanna kill you lol

what, help what

his pfp is fire and yours is water. if you both trick them somehow the fire will die cus of water and water is going to become gas