Forum loading times

Seriously, it’s taking about 30 seconds to load one single page. It’s not just me as other people are reporting this too.

It’s a pain to browse the forums now. It’s like having 10 kB/s internet.

I think everyone experiences it, I experience it since 3 to 4 days ago.

When I enter the forum, no.

But when I exit a thread, very laggy.

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I’ve been experiencing the same issues too. The forums take awfully long to load anything (example: notifications). I have to wait 7 seconds to see my notifs and stuff. It’s weird. I assume this is happening because the server may be getting too much users? Maybe more people are doing more stuff on the forums’ servers? And I know that this isn’t an issue with my internet as YouTube plays 4K vids fine and Wikipedia loads perfectly.

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i have experienced this issue for 3-4 days, when i entered forums today huh… i forgot how to call it, i had some sort of browser checker thingy before i joined here.

i am pretty sure it’s caused because someone is trying to attack this

Edit: it happened again and i took ss of it:
it has happened before too btw



Now I’m fine.

I’m pretty sure this occurs when you stay in the forums for too long. You will need to reload the page

It’s gotten real slow for me too

Yep, I have also experience this, when browsing. But it is probably because of heavy internet traffic to the Pixel worlds Forum server.

I notice it with everything I do, for example, when trying to log in or when trying to reach my profile. Even when browsing among different posts.

Takes me an 25+mins/hr to enter the forums. good for everyone they can just wait for seconds while I suffer.

Lately, I have been experiencing this as well! It takes a while to load the forums pages, but not more than 2mins for me.

This is still an issue, takes me 3 minutes to post my replies, what if a player needed to know how to do the heimlich maneuver and came to the forums?

what’s a heimlich maneuver

that would be smartest person in the world i bet.

Screen Shot 2021-06-18 at 8.30.09 AM

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Ok now I got a captcha aswell, but it only takes like 10 - 20 seconds, but the loading time is still slow