Forum Memorial Project Results

Scroll to the bottom of this post if you’re only interested in voting/contest details. For everyone else…

I don’t even have any words besides look at this. Absolutely nuts. You guys are mad. If you haven’t visited the world, the name is FORUMS. This picture really doesn’t do it justice. It’s definitely worth going to see all the rooms in person. I am honestly blown away.

Architectural masterpieces, pixel arts, stories, adventures, player memorials, final returns, final goodbyes, and tons of memories being shared. So many different rooms containing so many different things. Watching all of these as they were built and kicking it with you lot for the day was a great time and it was honestly 100% worth the effort. I hope at least majority of you had fun either hanging out or building. And another huge thanks to everyone who participated and the gang for helping get it all put together. @RetNos @Tumppi2 @Fazeus and also kinda @Logan :]

But all good things come to an end. Thankfully it’s not that time yet LOL. We still have to vote for the best rooms. Each player can vote for a maximum of 2 people, and one of those can be for yourself. You are strongly encouraged to use both of your votes. And to visit the worlds in person, as many contain portals and signs that continue their room’s premise. Polls will be open for 24 hours, and anyone is welcome to vote.

Prizes, again, are:

1st. Clover wings or discord nitro
2nd. Whatever 1st doesn’t choose
3rd. 10,000 bytes

Good luck everyone!

The poll (the forums only allow 20 different options)



Hard to choose just 2, but here is a list of my favorites (censored for anonymity)

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Does any of them start with A ? :wink:

I see why you allowed that, cuz you have no way of checking it.

And you made us vote for two so one of the votes will have to be for someone else.

Obviously the derp face won, there’s no debate about it lol

It’s potato

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  1. you can vote more than twice
  2. you can reopen link
  1. Not unless you use a VPN or mobile device, and I can see what each specific voter chose so it’s pretty easy to tell when someone is trying to jip the system.

  2. Refer to 1

For instance, I can see that you, mrdeathh, used a VPN or mobile device to vote for yourself twice. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just change your MAC address and you basically can’t be detected

I did
I’m sorry

I didnt

Did I

also go check my room out, its a room

Your IP is gonna stay the same, and you can’t actually change the MAC address. You can trick your OS into thinking it’s different, but the one that is hard coded into your network card will stay the same.

Vpn+ MAC address changer, and those limitations are only if you’re using a free one, for like $2 you can get one that changes your network constantly, nothing is hard coded when it comes to technology

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Ok you can change the MAC address but that doesn’t really matter because they can’t access your MAC address anyway, they only see your IP.

Edit: They can, nvm

I don’t think you understand, the MAC address changer is used to hide the fact that you’re voting for yourself on the same device and the VPN is used to change the location of your IP.

Different location, different device. Unless you’re an FBI agent you won’t be able to tell they’re using a front

The survey website doesn’t do MAC address checks tho.

And many other websites don’t neither, so I don’t think it matters.

How about we all just play nice and fair, eh how does that sound? :blush:


Ok turns out that a website can’t get your MAC address most of the time.

There are some exceptions

Oh I will, I’m just arguing for some reason.