I’m not the kinda guy who gets how this works, but if it works only if you drop without placing block, put blocks after ONE drop, don’t wait to block your items after dropping everything you want

If they can even take after the item has been blocked by a block try putting them on chess’ and safes

If they had already took it, stay calm and you can record it FAST (To avoid suspicion from the hacker) And try to lure them into talking about hacking or whatever that proofs that they are breaking the rules

After that I think you should contact Pixel Worlds Support? I Don’t know too much, but I hope this thread helps people from getting hacked because I know it must be annoying

Alternative : Quit Pixel Worlds

Thanks for the thread. I really hope all players gets notified to this thread. (I and some ppl alr know how to prevent and how to know if they are one)

If you think someone is using ghost hack, block the spawn, then kick them out of the world. After they come back, they can no longer exit the spawn, as far I know.