Soo my suggestion Is to make Tab to Posts where everyone can post everything they want, this place delete’s all Posts in 72 hours unless you dont archive it for yourself.

Reason: If u just want post a meme or just few funny pics u want post. So u dont need to make thread everytime. And If u want to watch others Posts u can like/dislike it, If u want comment it, it opens New tab of this post like in threads but there is no letter limit or Anything like that. Soo u can make threads only If u want to post suggestion that is very detailed and contains lot stuff, it automatically puts it to Posts tab or to threads.


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A little bit Confusing but I think it’s unnecessary, sorry.
Let’s just keep the forums to its original form. adding dislike button would ruin someone’s reputation…

The point of it is: u dont have to make thread everytime u want post or to do smth.
I guess we have different opinions.

I don’t think it’s really necessary and yes i did get confused too.
Basing on what i understood, if you just want to do something like that, do it in discord. Auto removal of posts seems kinda like an eh, as other people might have not the chance to see them. Most of the posts that will go in there can actually be put in either general or pixel pub.
I won’t go any further as you have no intention of changing your mind and just say it’s only our opinion even though you’re the one asking for “thoughts?”

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Ah nvm it then…