Forum suggestions | Unofficial concepts

Nowadays forums are quite inactive, and for a long time we haven’t had much updates.
Here’s a few suggestions to revive forum & attract more people. I have put some time and effort into making these mockups, so any feedback will be appreciated. Hopeful @Siskea will notice it as well.

Exclusive forum only events and giveaways, leaderboard prizes
rewards for the most active forum members, not necessarily in-game items. Maybe some forums related goods, listed a few ideas below.

Forum cosmetics
Such as name colors, and gradients. Medals/titles (displayed in your profile or under your name);

Signature and status customization
profile signatures (appears under each of your messages);
custom status (appears under your name; limited to only a few characters);
available for members & regulars only.

Please note that this is not an official concept. Mockups made in Figma in case anyone is wondering.
Comment your thoughts about this ideas!

figma link:


İ seeen website (:heart_eyes: Its cool but dont send spam messages from comunity guidelines

i honestlly don’t think you are in a place to tell others not to send spam messages
judge yourselve before judging others


While it would be cool, you should note that these forums were not made from scratch - they’re made using the Discourse forum software.

And as far as I know, Discourse doesn’t allow stuff like name gradients.

Signatures are not included in the basic package, BUT there’s a signature plugin the admins could install.

While the tags next to names do exist, they’re tied to groups. You would need to create a group every single time you want to change your status.

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The signature stuff reminds me of the growtopia forums for some reason. Was it implemented there? I can’t remember.

Yes, they use vBulletin or phpBB or some software where signatures are standard.

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Everything is possible. You don’t have to use pre-made plugins

The admin team can’t even reasonably update the game itself, I seriously doubt that they could update the forum code.

Siskea said that any forum suggestion are appreciated. Let’s say it’s long-term one

Thanks for this, @Winter_Kangaroo! I like the idea of rewards other than badges for active members, or maybe showing medals/badges next to your name :thinking:

We’ve had a few comments that the forums aren’t as active anymore, so suggestions like this are really appreciated!