Forums features and suggestions!

I have been testing out these forums, and I’ve been wondering if these are being planned, or if they’re already here but I haven’t found it yet, lol. It seems to be missing a ton of features that the old forums used to have.

  • Following members, online members

  • Disabling the ability for people to see your edited messages (come on that’s just embarrassing)

  • Titles or custom titles like new members, seasoned members, OG forums members, players that signed in from discord or has a certain level in game, youtube influencer, badge achieve, etc.

  • Some kind of leaderboard for all members, for maybe likes or posts - it seems most of the “Users” filter is limited to the staff and moderators.

  • Signatures

  • Profiles to put statuses, see recent posts, direct messages and such. It also looks really hard to find at the moment.


signature ,like the old one will be good :ok_hand:

Bump. Idk if bumps work but it seems the recent activity from jake increasing post limit made this post die in the ocean of obscurity.

I guess you can’t even revive your own posts

Edit: added some new things.

Yess pleaseee, following members! I am lonely, I want friends ;_; Titles and a leaderboard would also be very useful. And where are the status thingies? Have I just not found it yet? On old forums I would post useless crap there, stuff that’s not important enough to deserve its own thread.

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Yeppers. Apparently there is a profile but it’s hard to navigate. I still haven’t figured out to add a bio. Definitely no statuses though

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@Neoslayer Following members would be nice as well as the status updates the old forums had. Not sure if they need to be added through the forum software being updated or if the devs can add it themselves though

Discourse has lots of plugins including a follower one that can easily be implemented, so that’s really cool

Yes those would all be nice, but I don’t think that the edited messages thing is to much of a problem.

How did you add your bio D: Teach me sensei, I want one too

Being able to write messages in peoples’ profile pages, like the old forums.

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Press your pfp, then name, then in your summary boo you’ll see this.
Then you press the circled button

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Oh! Thank you. On pc it looks a little different, I found it from preferences instead of summary.

A leaderboard could be cool.

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Forums have changed a bit!
The leaderboard works now, and there are profiles. All we need is a following plugin and a statuses plugin where people can comment things on your bio that aren’t worth making posts about. That’d truly complete the forums.

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Bumped old post - we should still be trying to get these

I really hope them devs aren’t ignoring this although they have to prioritize the game first.
Surely the devs will revamp the forums and add this!