Forums have gone really glitchy

Soo lately, like few days ago loading threads takes about 30 seconds for some reason, also when i am making a reply it just throw’s random errors to me, really annoying…

And also, when i have read all the replies in one thread, and i leave the thread, the name turns to grey as always but i still see the blue icon, like there’s new reply or something but in that case, thread’s title should turn to white… but no, there’s no new replies in the thread just this icon and when i mistakenly press on it, it takes 30 seconds to load…

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I only experience lag when exiting a thread, but never received random errors.

Does anyone also experience random errors like Fazeus?

Good for you, it takes me even an hour to join the forums. Making me not want to check the community.

mobile or pc?

for me it took around 30 seconds to enter the forum.

Mobile, since my wifi is 534kpbs. that’s how I experience daily.

My luckest day was last year after I can go to the forums in just a minute. Now It takes longer.

I just get random drafts to posts that I have clearly already posted. Really long loading times as well.