Forums need more moderators

Hello! Soo i think forums need New since there is only 2 Active mods:

Forums need more moderators.

Tell what u think

There’s no real use for moderators here. No major rule breakers and if a moderator is urgently required, they can be contacted through discord (where someone is nearly always online).


Did someone say…“Need more moderators?”


I personally think that there’s enough Forum Moderators, but yes, when it comes to certain times - the current Moderators aren’t able to help on certain situations.

yes, my bad. I also too having busy times irl and some other stuff that makes me unable to moderate.


Maybe they do, but yea like SEAF says Real Life, can make it difficult for
some Moderators to keep moderating all time.

  • But atleast, they try their best! :white_check_mark:

  • Also i believe they reach to the people, who they think fits for the role itself, if
    they actually needed some.

Not really needed much just as Byrne said.
Rule breakers are rare and we already have Regulars that have the ability to edit Titles and move posts to correct sub forums

Why don’t they have a rule about demoting mods who clearly have other things to do?

Are they that hesitant on getting new moderators?
Anyway, this thread has been solved.

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Why do we need forum moderators when everyone needs in game moderators for now…

Less people breaks the rules here so there is nothing to worry about.

Forum moderators probably do more than just replying to people
And if you have a problem/question, other players are sure to jump in and help you

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