FREE games for me to play?

is there free games like mmo sandbox game like pw?

tell me if you know one of them :slight_smile:


Terraria, This is my favourite 2D sandbox game.


Um sir, he said free

I suggest Trove

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been playing for months

i already played it and boring cause the fps was 12

Aye hm

Fortnite :smirk:

Pubg mobile

srsly? my storage is 25gb left and that game was 35gb no i wont download it

PC games
not mobile
that game also sucks

I play it… :disappointed_relieved:

Have you tried it tho?

It only sucks if you try to get nice costumes or skins.

VEGA conflict
Cubic castles(If u wanna play a p2w 3d pw)
Kingdom wars
albion online

Minecraft use tlauncher if u have no :heavy_dollar_sign:


Like halo + portal
I rate it
Its not perfect but its fun


this game is 3D version of pw lol

Fellow Indonesian :smirk::handshake:

hehe lol

i dont like chatting with indonesian language (only english)

im like 59.9% english

Albion online is pretty good when you finally figure out how to play

Avalonia on facebook

i did’nt read the “free” text