Friend Nickname

Am I only the one who forget the players i add? Like who’s this Chubby Where Did I meet him and How did we became friends?

Adding Nickname


  • We can easily remember the player we add
    and It will look like this:

(FishGem Guy) Chubby

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Interesting suggestion, adding a tiny note for each friend you have would be great.
Maybe to remind something that you have to do related to that friend, such as:

Reminder: Deliver him/her 20 blocks.

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Yeah thats the concept

These are public forums, expect to get feedback, both good and bad.
Also just because he thought the idea is unnecessary, doesn’t mean he thinks his ideas are better, also he did say “I like the suggestion”

I really hope we can see more of this kind of suggestion so sooner. It’s a good suggestion somehow but it is unnecessary for now.

Keep it up!

I know a game where you can add notes/nicknames so you’ll be able to remember them, it’s a great way to remember someone. I think this suggestion would be more useful if we had the ability to change our in-game name. Would still like to see this happen though :ok_hand:t2:

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Anyway it’s a fine idea. Something similar to what Discord has perhaps?