Froji's Discord server

I made a server and it’s pretty swag (giveaways too)

  • there is 55+ humans

omg. Humans?? Will you giveaway the humans??

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How many aliens are there

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are you froji lol. i imagined a frog not a penguin

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I imagined Jack.

alr but. how much of them are breathing and typing

lol I am froji idk penguin was available and I love rare names :money_with_wings:

54 people

zero, only a couple bots

-can get divided to 5 easily
-it has both two and eleven fives
-ugly asf
-cant get divided to five
-only has one five
-its not even order wtf 4 comes before 5


:+1: got in.

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Such a proness swagger pro person

Also by the way there is an OG role that will be given to everyone that joins by the end of the week (be quick)

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Just edited the title as there is a 30k bc giveaway going on in the Discord right now

aww man i am not allowed to use dc :frowning:

feels bad man :((((((

Wdym you’re not allowed to use discord?

my mom doesnt allow me xd

loooooool lmao