Frozen soil

Make frozen soil farmable, as you said on a stream before jake, frozen soil isn’t farmable as it’s frozen, yet water is farmable and a lot of other things are farmable which doesn’t make sense, so why is this single soil block not farmable and a lot of other things are


It’d make sense for it to be farmable, unsure why it isn’t.

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jake said in a stream that it’s because it’s frozen and that was it which makes sense but it’s still soil

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Yeah, the realism isn’t necessary.

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ik but it being soil and not farmable just isn’t making me happy

Petition for farmable frozen soil, be the change you want to see in the world. :joy:

i have been trying for either 1 year or 2 hell i dont even remember

Gotta’ respect the dedication there.


But ice is farmable? :rofl:


damn now i gotta check why you doing this to me

ice backgrounds are farmable not ice forgot to say that

Ice is farmable with perks

what about without perks is it still worth?