FURRY Clan Recruitment

Clan name: FURRY
Clan tag: [FURRY]
LVL: 4
Faction: Dark

Gem requirement: Once you join you have 1 month to donate 10k gems. After you have donated those gems you don’t have to donate anymore although donations are apprectiated!

Other info:
If you are not a furry you have to be 15 or above to join the clan but if you are a furry age doesn’t matter.

Be pretty active either on the discord or in game so we can contact you easily if theres a clan event or we just need to talk about something.

Accept others and don’t judge, if you do you are probably gonna get blacklisted from the clan.

Clan events: We do clan events and you can vote if you want them or not!

That’s all about our clan, we hope to see you soon~


good luck! They really need a clan recruitment subforum


That would be awesome to see

I’m wondering if this means 10,000 gems each month, or if it’s just a joining fee of 10,000 gems? I struggle to keep up with daily donation requirements, because of hyperfixation, so the clan sounds good for my play-style. I’m not a furry, but I am 18, so I’m covered there. I probably wouldn’t talk too much on the Discord, but I’d be happy to have notifications on for whenever I’m needed, and I go through phases of playing PW a lot, and not really playing it at all, but I’d be fine with coming online when requested.

If I remember correctly you just need to pay 10k gems and nothing more after that for as long as you stay :sunglasses:

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Sweet, I’d definitely be down to join then.

Got more room?
I mean look at my profile picture and tell me I’m not a scalie.

i earn 20k per week in pw, but what does this mean^ ?
is there an exception for inactive player ( like telling the leader/co/elder that the player will ask permission to go off for a week) ?

Light I’m telling you this now that doesn’t sound safe

Oh dear…