G4R - My Ultimate Project

It's finally the time.

My biggest project and maybe one of the lastest project i’ll ever do.
It took me months of grind to do that video soo yea… hope you will enjoy!

(First video with voice, please don’t bully lol)


Oh thought it was Grapes 4 retnos… huh

With few subscriptions, I did with my voice for some time, not always. I was recording and speaking at the same time. I guess it was hard with the clips

Imagine some guy just remembers he has 13 million gems in his storage for no reason and decides to sell it.

‘‘im not satisfied with it’’
me getting 300 gems and being happy:

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My voice sounds like a 16 year old who just woke up from coma.

i had somewhere around 13.5m fish gems couple of months ago but i did not sell them all at once

also i knew someone who had over 20m fish and mine gems combined and he was selling them, dont know what happened after tho