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Here are some suggestions that have been going through my head waiting for the forums to come back up:

-Option to hide names and hide messages in sort form of hotkey.

-Don’t reset UI hiding on pc when catching a fish (if you use the hide UI feature a lot you will know what I mean).

-Very Rare blueprint drops from nether similar to how graffiti parts are dropped (Unique to nether, not ones from the shop)

-Crossbreedable healing pads that can be utilized for pvp and some parkours

-A perk called siphon that gives a 10% chance to regen a bit of health after eliminating an monster or player (Can be tweaked in some way)

-Offline mode with access exclusively to dynamic worlds, you cannot access your own worlds or the pwe. (Probably not worth the effort to implement, but worth mentioning).

-Craftable items, legendaries, daily bonus prizes, and other rares have a specific trashing failsafe as a 3rd confirmation because trashing and dropping have VERY similar UI

-1 in 10 change to spawn Mineshafts that contain ingredients in small chests (pixelmines)


You shall be the new community manager :smiley:
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I think the nether idea is very solid and would greatly benefit the profitability and relevancy to the mode as to some players it has been long forgotten.

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Interesting ideas, my favorite is the siphon perk!

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Lots of interesting ideas.
The blueprints are intriguing, and it could be one of the upgrades that the Nether needs to compete with the other methods of profiting. The crossbreedable healing pads would be amazing for PvP too.

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Having an offline mode that is connected to the multiplayer mode is probably not a good idea securitywise. You would also need to store the dynamic worlds in the game files and that would increase the application’s size.

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No single human could replace Jake :grin:

The Perk: Siphon - is an interesting one, been requesting a perk very familiar to this one before.

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Great suggestions! I’d like to see some of these ideas soon inside the game.

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Lifesteal perk xD sounds fancy

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