Gem Bug Caused People To Lose Wls

Jake or any mods/devs if you are reading this please be aware that some people have been affected by the Gem Bug Abuser in which he used the Platinum Locks from gem bug to buy different and I MEAN TONS OF ITEMS of off different players in which when you guys removed the glitch from the game after the maintenance the platinum locks disappeared but we didn’t get our items back since it’s already on the abuser, PLEASE READ THIS, It’s not our fault we never knew that he was the abuser before, we just knew and realized it after maintenance break, YOU GUYS NEVER WARNED US, please you should fix this ASAP. I lost 27pl, and I know others who lost more than me. I did everything I could but I didn’t get any response I contacted support, I reported on discord, I posted and tagged you on insta already.

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If you have lost locks, it’s because you have gained them from an illegal source. There should not be many users who are affected by this, but if you are one of them, please contact support ( and provide the following details:

  • Your game account name
  • Which items have you lost
  • How did you gain the locks (what did you trade them for)

If the event is found legitimate, your items will be returned.


thank you so much! i’ll msg the infos ASAP