Gem pack names translated to Czech?

I just find it weird that while everything is in English, the names for gem packs are magically in Czech.
For example, “Chest of Gems” becomes “Truhla s drahokamy”.

What’s also weird is that the Super Gem Pack (or whatever was the 500k gems called) isn’t translated at all.

Is it preparations for a translation to Czech? Or is it just a new experiment where pack names are localized?



Was about to message you, but since it doesnt matter now, this is not a bug.

You are probably from Czechia, and before you complete a purchase, google play translates the thing you are about to buy into your language.

I sadly updated the game to untradable WLs before you told me that. Well, guess it’s time to say good bye to my WLs and hope they come back.

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Finally you did this, give bytes a try now…

“untradable world locks” is on the UPDATE BANNER as if that’s a GOOD FEATURE. The audacity to do this…

Where is the correlation between these two?
The translations would have happened anyway, no matter if pixel worlds made world locks untradeable or not, that’s a google play feature, not pixel worlds.

Edit: probably is a pixel worlds feature, not useless though.

Edit2: The first edit is wrong.

The auto-translate for money packs is such a dumb feature.

If the entire game is in English and someone Czech would take time to learn English, how would money packs in Czech matter?

This isn’t the place to discuss that, if your payment method’s (debit card, credit card) bank is from Czechia, google decided it would be a good idea to translate to you what you are about to purchase with real money.

Edit: ah wait, now I see after you added a screenshot, this was probably added by pixel worlds, not google play. Not a useless feature nevertheless.

Edit2: Turns out it was the google play’s feature. Ignore the first edit.

They probably get the pack name directly from the IAP vendor (steam, microsoft store, google play, apple app store, etc.) and so yeah, they likely translate it before PW even receives the pack name.

Cause it is a good feature, and you’re like the only person I know of in all of Pixel Worlds who is still complaining about this.

How is putting a permanent restriction on trading of a currency a good thing?

By pushing forward the actual game’s currency, opening up a lot more things to be done in Pixel Worlds’ future, and making it easier to understand the game for new players.
It also has many more other uses than world locks.

Think about this, World locks take up inventory space
Byte do not
Think of bytes as credit card and world lock as gold
Who the heck goes out to mcdonalds and goes “howdy partner, here a chunk o good gold for ye, now gimme my chicken nuggies and leave me be”
Normal people use credit cards

Credit cards = bytes
Using bytes = normal

Normal = Not you.

hopefully this little picture will give you the whole idea

I think anyone with 2 brain cells will understand.


Good, now change your wls before they’re back to standard price

nice handwriting

The IAP names come directly from the Play Store and if your Google account is using a language that happens to have a translation there, you’ll see the items in that language.

Ah, so I was right in the first place, my corrections were wrong, what do I do with my edited replies ;-;

Well, the Today and Tomorrow Channel is telling me otherwise.

It’s says think carefully before throwing money away, not “don’t exchange your world locks to bytes”