Gem prices

Well I thought this says a lot about that subject rn

Back at the start of the summer I sold a stack of these for 190k - ok I know I did well :grin: - but wtf is going on?

Is it a lack of a proper community manager? I always assumed part of that role is to ‘adjust’ game settings to alter the flow of stuff … in this case gem pouches?

The price of these is now so low I no longer believe it’s viable to sell them… I’m better off using them up on various stuff

I may even retire my pets - where the bulk of these come from

Ok well those prices are ridiculous maybe contact some sort of person whose in charge of this stuff

Why does it feel like I always run into u here???

They’ve been low since before Halloween event, I actually believed they would go up … they’ve continued to fall since then too, it was around 80-90k for a stack at the start by event end was 60k, now 50k…

I can very well explain to you what is happening (not related to duplication) but I think my post would still get deleted so yea