Gems mine scam fish scam

not sure if anyone know this but do anyone know how to gem mine scam/ fish gems scam works? I heard people buying world with correct amount of gems, later traded but not same gems as calculate before buying. how it work and how to prevent it tho

The best way for me is buying the gems with the trade. I hate buying gems in worlds. It takes longer but it’s better than being scammed by being careless.


This literally just happened to me a while ago.
What they do is make the gemstone/fish sizes seem bigger.
Like for example: They say that Large is Huge, tiny is small, etc.
(Only done when there are 4 sizes or less)

Yes it can easily be avoided by actually knowing the gemstones/fishes’ looks. Which apparently still confused me.

Some tips I can give when buying gems are:

  1. If you’re unsure or inexperienced with buying gems, it’s better to bring along somebody to help you. This also works so that they are able to double check.

  2. Check the actual looks of the gemstones/fishes sizes with a reference.

  3. If they rush you, then consider it suspicious. They must give you time to properly calculate and verify the gem worth.

  4. After successfully buying, don’t take it right away. What I usually do is just leave it be for a few minutes or until I’ve finished buying the total gem amount I need. This might seem kinda pointless, but never hurts to be on the safe side.

  5. If you really want to be careful, then just buying them through trade works too.

Not doing… that. is how you prevent it!