Gems website feedback

For some reason most of gems calculator ended their service so I decided to recreate fish&mine gems calculator. (design strongly inspired on forums) Feedback appreciated.

(recommended for PC use, phone version has bugs)

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0/10 When does it implant viruses on my PC

Maybe it’s just me but the inputs feel identical to this website here

Also maybe consider adding fish gems too if you want it to be more useful
Edit: nvm, noticed that there was a separate tab for that just now

Mentioned somewhere on discord that I took several inspirations from different sites. I’ll be updating it soon

ok but i learn how many costs on fish and gemstones also fishes too i will se and sell worlds

I do not understand what this man says, like, most of the time.


I decided to not renew because I felt like it wasn’t worth it anymore. (pw is kinda dead).
But im glad u want to remake it!


ah I see. Got both hosting and domain for free so it’s not a big deal to host this website for now

Thanks for the feedback, I did a small update. Here’s patch note:

・Carp gems imgs has been replaced
・phone version is more friendly now
・removed hamburger menu on phone and replaced it with basic menu for now
・dividers are phone-responsive now

however phone version is still in beta; I am aware of bugs

yea seems like no one cared about my calculator :frowning: