Give me ideas for a pixelworlds utility site

Hey, so i am trying to make a pixelworlds utility website, where you can use different tools, such as a gem calculator for fishing and mining, and a fossil puzzle practice.

What other features do you think a site like this could have?


I’ve always wanted a virtual pw shop, but i think this dream will remain a dream for eternity


Hmmm, interesting. Maybe a small marketplace? where we could post about buying or selling fish/mining gems at a certain rate.


I’ve already been working on something, long ago,… where you had features like this:


thats super cool. I hope you don’t think that I am copying you or something :sweat_smile:.

I just recently learnt alot of html/css/js and i wanted to work one some projects that would help me learn more and also become a cool website or something.

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Although it could be harder to implement, I think a Wiring Trainer would be great. Both as kind of a sandbox where you can freely organize your gates, connect them and try out small contraptions and as a Trainer in terms of you having to fulfill a task (for example: make Lamp 1 and Lamp 2 only light up if Lever 1 and Lever 2 are pressed).
I feel like many players just don’t want to spend Gems on something they are somewhat scared of, so a Trainer like that could motivate them to use Wiring ingame.

Definitely some sort of utility to convert images into pixel art made with PW blocks/tiles would be super awesome, I don’t think anyone happened to’ve made this yet.


Another, yet also hard to implement, thing could be an armor set generator.
You could choose your budget, items you already have/want to be in the set and your armor priorites (e.g. highest normal armor, double jump, highest fire armor etc.).
Then you hit “generate” and the site calculates a set that fits your requirements. It could also show a second option that may not exactly fit one of the requirements.

I don’t know if it’s even possible though, because the value of items constantly changes and if you would draw the armor stats from the Wiki, they may not always be accurate.

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That world converting thing is a little tricky. I’ve been able to do similar stuff like making a script that converts world screenshots into pwtools world’s.

But I can try and look into how to do it on a website, although I think it would probably be impossible without owning a server :sweat_smile:

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I think this is possible :smiley:

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I wanted a website that tracks prices of items, so you can look on the website to find a price.


Really great! What’s the current plans of naming the website or is it already released?

I can try and look into that, but I think that would be pretty impossible for just me to do right now :sweat_smile:
I definitly want to try and do something like that though, once I learn some better coding and php server stuffs.

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I see. Another thing I though of, is it possible for you to make an item creator, or like an art feature?

I am thinking of naming the website pixelworlds utility or something along the lines of that.
I haven’t bought a domain or anything yet, so right now its just a folder with the files in it on my pc which I am working on :smiley:

right now the calculator part looks like this, and the background will be stars for all the pages

that would be pretty cool!, i think maybe i could do that in the future.
one of the features I am working on as soon as i finish the calculator, is the “item maker”
which is basically a template which you can use to create concept item descriptions.

you would be able to change all the parts circled in red, and then you can save it as an image and share it as a item concept :smiley:


Yes that would be amazing! I can’t wait to see the work you can do!

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looking back on this a feature that will be annoying is the % of getting stuff with gear and without gear

Just finished up the fish gem calculator. heres a sneek on how it looks like on PC:

and heres how it looks like on mobile (a little less nice but still functional):

A timer that shows when the rift portal from ADE opens