Give me your HONEST opinion!

I continued with the Mr NoTrade series that I started a couple days ago. And tried to make more jump cuts/edits with adding some more cringe meme pop ups. But the thing I really tried different with this video is the music, I tried changing the songs as seamless as I could. To fit the theme of what is going on more or less.
I am looking for peoples honest opinions on this video overall! From the Title/Thumbnail to pacing of the video, and the context of the content within it! Should I stop with the meme pop ups? Should I jump cut less? Thanks, for taking the time to read this! And i’d love to hear your thoughts! :smiley:
Here is the video:


Here is my opinion:
The title and thumbnail are fine.
All the cuts are fine and go straight into the point of the video/series.
I’m personally not the biggest fan of meme pop-ups, so to me they are whatever, but others might find them more entertaining.
The music is also fine as long as it doesn’t change to another one a few seconds after starting, which didn’t seem to be the case in this video, so once again it’s fine.
Overall I liked it.


:wink: try it


Whats the equivalent of 1PL in BC?

~25k bc

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It would be cool if you credited butlrs since you basically stole his video idea. His name was even notrade try be a bit more original with the name

Too late i’ve done that.


Keep doing good workd! :wink:

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Nobody really ‘owns’ a video idea; sure, someone can pioneer a popular video idea, but it doesn’t mean that they definitively own that idea and must be credited if someone does it in the future.

it just seems like such a ripoff copying everything it is not an obligation but it is the right thing to do.

The video itself is really well made!!

But I’m not really fun of the thumbnail, it feels too clickbaity.

I personally wouldn’t click on some video with thumbnail like this, but do I regret clicking on your video and taking a little look?

Definitely not, in fact, it kept me engaged and I definitely wouldn’t have problem with watching the whole video!!

How I already said, it was really well made, just the thumbnail feels really clickbaity and it makes me not want to click on it since everyone already knows what type of videos does have these types of thumbnails.


what was that word?

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A Growtopia YouTuber called LavaFlow Growtopia made a ‘Noob to Pro WITHOUT TRADING’ series, should Butlrs have credited them for the idea of trying to play an economy based sandbox MMO without trading, or anyone else they got the idea from? No, because LavaFlow doesn’t own the idea. It’s not a morally wrong or right thing to do in this situation, merely a choice that the video creator has. Who’s to say that’s even who they got the video idea from?

Did lavaflow use the name notrade was it as blatantly obvious it was copied, was it even the same game. No.

But yeah I see your point how about let’s agree to disagree.

Oops, autocorrect!!

I wanted to write “these” but by incident I corrected it into “ženy”, which means “women” in my country haha.

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It’s funny you mention LavaFlow’s series, that is actually where I got the idea to do my own came from! I remember back when I used to play Growtopia watching that series! And wanted to do it in my own way.


I am going to be 100% honest with you. The name NoTrade and MrNoTrade is a SUPER coincidence! I had 0 intention of trying to copy his name.

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To be honest I believe him, if he would want to copy the whole series name then he would definitely use something more different so no one would accuse him of copying the name.

This is most likely just coincidence, but hey, this is just my opinion!!