Hello guys its me Extaasi, Remember? im recently got back in the game , i saw that that everything has changed in the game since i was playing last time . My items are worth alot bytecoins right now due the infliation and i wanted to share some of them with you guys . and i came up with fun idea of how to make the giveaway . The rules are simple , 1-10 person who collects 10 blue hero capes , wins random item from my inventory . after obtaining the capes send me the photo of your inventory to my email address , and dont forget to write your in game name and world with donation box name , Good Luck EveryBody!

Sent! I you can donate :smiley:

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Check Your world! There’s a gift waiting for you

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world matladnia ? or you put it in different world?

I just sent a mail, hope the prize is something pretty.

World DIY can you donate me?

I’m pretty sure this is a scam for him to sell his trash capes, but I’m not too sure.

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I actually got item worth 8k and my friend got item for 40k bc or 60k I dont remember so it wasn’t a scam lol

Great to see good people still exist! I want something too, but I don’t dare to ask after accusing him of scamming…

Sent! Took me 9 hours but i finally got 10

Edit: so um, I had a question. Why do i have to send an email?