Giving gifts to each other?


I’ve been thinking, are you all cool if we make an activity every December called Secret-Santa? All you need is to give someone gifts (it doesn’t have to be expensive).

The reason why it’s called secret-Santa because you won’t be revealing someone your going to donate too. you can also choose on what forumer you’ll be giving gifts but you shouldn’t be telling it.

Also, has someone made this kind of topic before? What do you think?

Edit > there should be a way to make it fair. ex Google chooser -> choose 2 players then pm them on what they’ll be giving to and will be kept anonymous?


Hmmm interesting suggestion but xmas Are far away, its february

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No, think about how rich famous people would get. That would be unfair. If this was made then you could only gift to your friends.

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To @Fazeus > This is implemented here in the forums, not in-game.
To @VeryTall > There might be another way to prevent that, like a online ballot and pming the chosen player on who to donate…
A item-price limit can be chosen too?

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We do this every christmas in our clan.
Everyone has to give our leader something from 5-10wl and everyone get something


Giving world locks or worth to the clan leader forcefully?

Just what if it existed here.

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Oh now i get your idea, but If Someone doesnt get gift and hes gonna quit? (Just kidding btw)


this has been done in the past. also it’s february not december or even november. it feels like you’ve posted this just for the sake of posting something, which appears to be like all of your posts.

I’m just asking it eariler… Nothing wrong with it.

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Repost this on November. Nice Idea like the one before.

What likes are you talking about?You mean Gaining Fame or Attention Seeking? :rofl: Negative Forumers always making me laugh.

Like means Appreciation and I saw you gave 7 likes only. Can’t you Appreciate someone’s effort? Be nice to everyone.

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I suppose I can bump the thread, I can’t make another thread about this because it can be flagged for spamming,

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i never mentioned likes anywhere in my comment?? i just said he is posting for the sake of posting.

edit: i’ve only given out 7 likes because I don’t need to press like on something to appreciate it. I’m allowed to comment appreciation too.

edit 2: i realise this may be a language barrier where my english which is my native tongue does not work with your taught english. Not much I can do to help you understand other than saying you mistranslated what I said.

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I think before posting, I recently go to forums daily to check on the community.

No need to be rude :v:

Just put it as a bookmark and do it custom , 1st december.

I never knew you can do that, thank you. I’ll be doing that!

Edit > Added bookmark at Dec 1, at 12am. Don’t know what happens or how will it affect this thread.

Ok chill now…I moved on already. If you’re prideful continue editing to 100 and ill be fascinated to read it

It’s SECRET Santa. Nobody knows who they are giving the gift to

secret santa is when you don’t know who the gift is from but you know who you’re gifting.

Oh that…p