Glitched Donations boxes

As any player would realise you can’t donate to a box if you have full world rights…

By chance I was at one of my donations boxes with an account i use for my decayed lock game .

It states error when I try and place something. Yet I go back with a full rights account and I can take an item out, I rarely remove stuff…

My first question is does this make it one of the hacked boxes…? I have seen, elsewhere, the hack where the box looks like it has content but on opening there is nothing .

My second qu. is this part of the same hack?

The world concerned is besieged by bots constantly, is it those discord spamming bots doing it?

What do I do?

I’m quite prepared to empty it , delete it , put a new one there in if I have to. So my last questions: will it just happen again? Is it part of the bots auto function?

Recently Ive had players trying to buy the world . I was wondering if a player is trying to make a world so unusable and/or annoying the owner will trade it off cheap!

Apparentlii the bots or whoever is doing it, allows for them to collect whatever is in the donation box, in their own donation box or something :person_shrugging: i don’t have confirmation of this but, that’s what i heard in conversation ingame with randoms who’ve seen items in the “red” spot being unable to do anything about it, and they couldn’t magnet it or break it either to sell their world. [clan world]

Reading your reply reminded me to close off my world at FISHERMANSSS

Im sad to do this as I had created a successful decayed lock game via it.

But not to be anymore

Anyway I emptied the donations box near to the spawn, another thing I’m sad to do as had some really cool donations in it.

Now it’s empty it clearly had that hack on it :cry: . It won’t break nor can I pull it

It shows as holding items when of course it’s empty…

Anyway not accessible