Glitched Fertilizer

I used to own a Glitched Fert a long time ago and had it put on a display case, but now it seems it was literally removed and now the case has a text that states: “An oopsie from kukouri” and the item is gone
It quite bothers me because it was a really rare item and now I see it is pretty valuable, getting it taken without any compensation is frustrating, is there anything I can do?


It was a glitched item my guy…
It wasn’t supposed to exist so they unexisted it (based on what happened to you. I do not (can’t) know specifically what happened.)

This is just where lokalapsi (i assume it’s her decision??) has decided no glitched items …

So it’s gone forever. I had been after several of the unissued seeds but not anymore it would be crazy to buy any of these now

To me it’s sad because these items have an almost ‘legendary’ status and I think it’s ill thought out … it almost shows a lack of understanding about the game …

At the end of the day they are not duped, cause no issue to the game running and harm no one …

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Its my username, basically “Titoalper”

Even then I see them in the PWE so some of them still are around which makes it even more valuable

What happened?
Lokalapsi confiscated it, she stated on discord that she’d do this.

{Discord message link}

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