Glitches I’ve found this update

Visual glitch: this glitch is old and has been around a long time but the at this one is hasn’t happened to me
Overlapping clothes: This one is with the RoboChick suit and any tights. Just look and see
Inventory spasm: The way I did this glitch was by dropping items and quickly dropping another item. I dropped the item faster than the others.
When trying to change FPS in nether or secret base this message appears

And my favorite glitch that happened to me, werewolf with a normal body glitch. This glitch has a 2 part video to it. Idk how to repeat it

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Sorry for the messy links and how bad this all looks. I am in a hurry to get back to doing school work

Thanks. I’ve already forwarded these to the team (except for the FPS message which I fixed just now).