[GOBUILD] Monthly build battle event

Hey, I’m hosting a monthly build battle event which will be held at world GOBUILD… For more info, join my discord server with the link Wight's Cavern
This will be a team battle of 2, so find your teammate if you wants to join

Feel free to ask about it in here


1.) is sabotage allowed?
2.) if my opponent coincidentally dies of cyanide poisoning do i win?
3.) please answer quickly :blush:

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1.) how would be sabotage possible?, you can just break your team build.
2.) no because you have other opponents aswell but good point I will be carefull.
3.) no :3

  1. No, you only get rights on a room
  2. There will be 12 teams so You still have to compete against 10 teams
  3. Hi

eyy thats the same Like I said.

Ok how much people is in a team?
i will need 1.5 mg/kg of cyanide per person ez

Why use cyanide? When you can show your mom picture they instantly die

Will I win if all other participants coincidentally die of unknown causes?


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The voting phase is open, you can vote it thru this link

June 2022 Gobuild event is starting soon, you can join it in my discord server


What is the theme this time?

I’ll tell it in the server tomorrow