Golden M16 actually got deleted instead of delivering error message,

I already contacted support but no reply yet, I can’t believe i tried to delete my purchased weapon out of boredom thinking that the game wouldn’t let me, :weary:

Thats all your fault lol


I know, no need to rub it in.

Because they won’t reply to requests such as these. The delete button EXPLICITLY states that deleted items are gone forever. Support won’t give your item back.

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But purchased items aren’t supposed to be deleteable,

It’s still entirely your fault. Why would they not be deletable?

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-I wonder what would happen if I try deleting this item
item gets deleted
-oh wow why did it do that


That’s what happened in a nutshell

But the thing is I tried trashing it before and I got a message saying “you can’t delete this item”

Not trying to insult you, or anything, but it’s kinda the same as thinking this:

“Oh, I use my master ball to catch a mythical Pokémon! I wonder if I can delete it?”
…and the person loses both the master ball and the mythical pokémon.

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omg guys i wonder what will happen when i burn a £20 note…

Actually you can still save that note if you go with both halves to the bank. Their item is gone forever.

rephrased it because i forgot that was a thing

I would have never thought to see the day that you would ever make a Pokémon reference but I guess you learn something new every day… :person_shrugging:

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Yeah so you’re not getting it back

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Actually, if you email the support with a screenshot of the transaction with all the details included they will return it.