Good morning/afternoon

I hope everyone is having a great day and touching grass before maintenance is lifted.
Anyways, while you wait for the day to end make sure to spread good vibes, and STOP spreading lies about the maintenance.

If you don’t mind me saying an odd post …

I haven’t seen much said by anyone that’s damning…

Hope you enjoyed your day

Been a rainy one here in Finland …

Was a rainbow :rainbow: earlier so maybe some good news :grin:

An update would be nice even if it just to say wait.

Its been hot-ish in Washington
The other day I was at the park and saw a halo rainbow around the sun
Hope you are enjoying your day.
All I know about maintenance is it might be lifted Monday and they are repairing dupe glitches.

its night here
i had a barbeque(i really hope thats how its spelled) with my family and i ate kebab, it was delicious
anyways how was your day?

scrumptious, I am glad to hear you had a good day
My day is great so far

happy to hear your day is great! hope pixel worlds make an event like shutting the game for 1 day a week to players to go touch some grass lol :smiley: