Got banned for no reason

Hello, Greetings! My Pixelworlds username is pidorus and I have been banned falsely for beeaking gamerules. I was waiting for icecream in the world ‘TEAMH’ then suddenly got banned for no particular reason. Pixel worlds is part of my daily routine I have gained my wealth without breaking any game rules, and it’s a huge slap to the face for being banned falsely. I have been playing since 2020 and not once did I indulge on rulebreaking activities. The ban was unjustified and uncalled for. The mods have no evidence. I was deemed guilty without evidence.
I hope this post merits your attention.
Have a great weekend

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Sad to hear about this, but we can’t really do anything rn since the support isn’t really doing anything with these cases

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you still have a slight chance by contacting admin but not mods since mods cannot solve these problem. try find them in discord

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Mod never bans without any reasons.

Then prove what I did, because I did nothing wrong!

пн, 24 июл. 2023 г. в 17:49, MIISS via Pixel Worlds Forum <>:

I send a message too to the it was about rollback and didnt get a message it has been 2 wereks with no message

The sad part is i lost my 2 pets wich where lvl 10 and took years to grinde also lost my other pet wich cost 5€

But i guess it is what it is because nobody. Reads the email at