Got scammed

I bought like 50 of santa’s sack’s from pwe for 1k-3k rate just to have them all and i knew they will rise. Now i joined i have only one after maintanance break. My bc was like 350k now 250k its good to community scam players i dont care that was the bug i bought from pwe. I want my bc or santa’s sack’s back. Account name gamerltu_yt. Thanks.

Support email is

That’s just odd .

For the record I seem to be ~ 40+k BC light. Have been trying to get my head around it
Thing is I have no proof nor can I be precise. My main account is really low on BC rn and have been on a rebuild. I sold something and made 70k plus numerous other bits … Yet it is only 30k more than it was ?

For the time being I’m going to try and remember to screen shot it on sign in/out and look at recent world’s everytime I go in…

No game should have players looking over their backs in this way

So you mean a player must be respect to a game who scammed him and react like nothing happend?

No the opposite of this. To me even if PW ban a player for scamming . The scammer still gets the last laugh because the player he/she has scammed has still lost out . The ONLY loser should be the scammer . I have never understood PWs thinking on this , at best it’s ill thought out.

I’m saying PW should respect the scammed player. Their only focus is the scammer… It’s not good enough imo. How can there be a rational argument or reason for doing anything else ?

But i said i bought and pixel worlds scammed me like remouved it from my inventory and left only 1

Maybe I’m crossing replies across different threads - so my apologies.

It’s quite possible the world you were in did a mini rollback. This has led players to seemingly lose items/bc. In any event whatever happened you need to go through that email… Be patient …

Good luck