Grafiitti find 😮

Can’t believe I found this in a world …

For those that don’t know

  • have a look at PWE

These parts 1-3 are insanely rare!

:magnet: :magnet: :magnet:


they are not as rare as one would think, they are obtained by just breaking gem soil at the according event

Dude that’s not correct.

Basically 3 parts come from fishing another farming and last from mines …

As an example you cannot get all 9 parts of any grafiitti just doing one discipline …

Parts 1 to 3 of the clover are seriously hard to get even during event. I can’t remember which discipline they are … I’m gonna say mining but am happy to be corrected

I doubt there is another current player who has as many graffiti’s unplaced as I have … It’s just been my thing …

I sell them in worlds floating under glass blocks have several ready now, i don’t advertise this well. if anyone is interested. We just trade the world. . so far everyone has returned said world by taking their lock but thats the buyers choice.

I rarely sell individual parts

My sales world is coming soon (err when I get round to it :joy:) - they will be accessible there…

its not just mining, u can get part 1/2/3 of any event graffiti by breaking usually any block but i heard of one graffiti that can drop from only one kind of block so it could be more are like that

I literally wrote it, they are obtained from breaking gem soil during the appropriate event (and I was referring to parts 1 to 3 since your screenshot seems to be focusing on them)