Guide: Different Types of Farming

I made this guide for new players and older players who are returning to the game. Feel free to link this thread to explain farming to someone. :+1:

Different Types of Farming

In Pixelworlds the main way you are going to have fun is by spending or collecting gems. As you probably know by now, gems are the main shop currency for pixelworlds and bytecoins are the official trading currency of Pixelworlds. There are four main ways to earn gems in the game and all of these methods are reffered to as “Farming”.

Block Farming

Block farming was the first method of earning gems in the game. The way that block farming works in very simple. First you find a farmable block , then you break it and collect it’s seeds, and finally you replant the seeds to harvest more of that block and the cycle continues. The most popular block to farm is the Spikebomb, because it has the higest gem and famrability rate. This is a very old method of farming in the game and is not as popular or encouraged in the community because other methods are much more effective at gaining gems. however because of this, it is very easy to buy large amounts of spikebombs for cheap.

Nether Farming

This method of farming was added in november of 2017 in the “Netherworld Update
The Netherworld is a PvE envirement which allows players to fight hellish monsters and loot nether crystals in order to earn gems. Players are granted gems when they are able to successfully find all four keys and the exit door in the Netherworld, and are granted more gems for each monster and treasure chest found. This method of farming requires good armour and weapons in order to kill monsterts faster and take more hits form attacks. More about the Netherworlds here.

Fishing Farming

For a while fishing was the most profitable method of farming and still is one of the most profitable methods of earning gems. Although fishing has received a nerf, it is still very profitable with good gear and a good rod. Fishing works by the player equiping a fishing rod and lures and casting their rod in a body of water. The size and type of fish the player catches depends on four things; the type of water, size of the water body, the type of bait and the type of rod. When a fish bites the rod, then the player plays a mini-game to catch the fish and then the fish can be sold for gems at a Fish Barrel or the Fish Monger at Pixelstation. Also players may earn gem prizes from winning in fishing competitions which are held. For begginers guide on farming visit the dynamic world FISHING-101.


Mining is the newest form of farming in Pixelworlds. It was added in update 1.5.8 and is one of the largest feature updates in Pixelworlds. Players can earn gems by mining gemstones in the world PIXELMINES and selling them to the bot in the same world. Players can find the ingridents for the next tier mine key inside the previous mine, with higher tier mines giving more valuble gemstones. Players can also find ingriedents by killing monsters and can use those ingridents to craft better gear to help them profit from mining. This method of farming is friendly to all players reguardless of wealth.

so far those are all of the main methods of farming. there are still a few other ways you can earn gems, like through daily and clan quests or through community competitions. Maybe you know a bit more about what you are going to do in Pixelworlds now, so have fun! :smiley: :+1:


Very well made good job :+1:.

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ive just started playing the game and is already doing all of the techniques. still having trobules with fishing but ok.

Nice informative guide here!

Cool guide, helpful for starting or returning players

Very good looking guide! :+1:

Introductory of basic things. I would like to see a more advanced guide going more in-depth with these existing features. However, a job well done. :+1:

Fishing is an advanced way of getting World Locks, meaning that you may need a certain amount of World Lock in order to get more. Basically investing but in a “guaranteed profit” way.

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